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We help you evaluate, enhance and drive your sales growth with our expertise.

What if the website is not reaching its full potential? In that case, prospects may get lost … an aspect that sometimes need to be analyzed. So, in addition to offering a software solution for marketing and sales intelligence, we offer consulting services to appraise the website and offer recommendations, wherever necessary. In addition, we also offer custom services – customization of data analytics to meet certain requirements, leads and intelligence integration with Salesforce and custom research of target leads.

Available to research specific leads, customize data, integrate with 3rd party applications and provide custom reports.

Website Review and Analysis for Lead Conversion and Successful Engagement

Companies want their websites to be professionally engaging. While there may be subjectivity in some elements of the design, there is typically clear consensus across the board on the need to deliver information easily to engage with prospective customers effectively. Both marketing and sales teams would agree that the digital assets (white papers, tech notes, case studies, etc.) on the website are very important to engage prospects and clients. But how well is the website equipped to engage the visitors and convert them to leads, wherever applicable? How well it is actually engaging people and delivering information to prospective leads remains a hopeful conjecture.

LogiKlu team can review the website objectively to seek out the deficiencies, if any, and point out opportunities to engage better. We utilize our digital marketing expertise and our analytical tools to observe, report and recommend. in addition to the general review, we can also appraise any specific area that a client may be especially interested to know. The main three areas which are included in our report are -

  1. Website UI and Interactivity Report – Look at the website design objectively through the eyes of stakeholders and prospects report on the User Experience and recommend ways to enhance engagement
  2. Lead Capture – Functional aspects of the website design and marketing content to capture leads
  3. Lead Harvest - Review information layout, positioning of engagement hooks and digital capabilities of the website to engage visitors and seek out their level of interest. Note that the level of interest helps in determining leads.
  4. Digital Asset Utilization – Audit digital assets on the website to appraise efficacy in being an information fulfillment center for prospects and recommend ways to present assets in more engaging ways etc.

Custom Lead Contact Research

LogiKlu subscribers may be able to avail themselves of an "add-on a service" to find contact information of decision makers at companies (prospects) visiting the website. These contacts are posted directly on a Sales Person’s access page on LogiKlu making it simple and straightforward. They can use LogiKlu mail, Outlook or Gmail to send direct emails to these contacts, if they so desire.

Lead Integration with Salesforce CRM

Clients of LogiKlu who use Salesforce CRM can avail themselves of our “integration services” to set up the lead flow (import and export) as per their organizational needs. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming for the internal teams to take care of these configurations and setups. Our team is available to help you through the process of integration of the two systems – Salesforce CRM and Sales Intelligence from LogiKlu.

Custom Analytics and Reports

As a SaaS platform, there are indeed universal functionalities for all users. However, wherever possible, we look into the feasibility of meeting certain specific needs of clients that can be developed as a special project. So if there are special needs beyond what you see featured on the Solutions page, please contact us to discuss the details of your needs.

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