Sales Pipeline Automation

Lead Actuator

Sales prospecting solution to your funnel in CRM

LogiKlu helps reduce cost of customer acquisition by filling the sales funnel with warm prospects from the website. Companies showing interest in products and services are identified, qualified with levels of interest and transferred automatically to Zoho CRM or Salesforce CRM. Associated details of areas of interest and activities on the website are also delivered to the CRM for quick reference. Prospects can be distributed as per your organizational structure and sales territorial responsibilities.

Identification of Companies Visiting a Website

  • Identify Companies visiting the website.
  • Determine their level of interest to qualify as leads for sales.
  • Gain insights on engagement - frequency of visits and returning or new visitors.
  • Quickly filter leads based on levels of interest for sales pursuits.
  • View leads based on individual countries to plan for marketing and sales programs.

Lead Insights and Data Enrichment

  • Get details on Companies visiting the website.
  • Track every action, every move, step by step to know their needs and preferences.
  • Develop sales pitch for leads based on areas of interest preferences.
  • Access contact information for target decision makers.

Smart, Simple and Mobile

  • Check leads on any device - mobile or desktop.
  • Designed specially for “on the go”, it is simple and easy.
  • Get quick access to details of every lead right on your palm.
  • Filter leads of high, medium and low levels of interest by click of a button.
  • It is simple, nimble and mobile!

Watch List with Alerts

  • Add leads of your choice or interest to a Watch List with a simple click
  • Follow the repeat visits of your chosen leads as their engagement evolves
  • Get details on the activities of your leads on the website for every visit to help sharpen your sales pitch
  • Receive automatic alerts when a Watch List lead returns to your website
  • Add prospective visitors to your Watch List as a preemptive step for lead conversion and tracking
  • Make data-driven decisions for your sales strategy
  • Optimize your sales strategy with Watch List data-driven insights

Engage. Convert. Capture.

  • Engage website visitors with user-friendly lead capture forms
  • Gain insights about their needs through customizable lead forms
  • Convert leads to pursue new opportunities and increase sales
  • Create, convert, and configure lead forms with zero coding
  • Deploy lead forms on any page of the website or before actions like document downloads.
  • Optimize your sales strategy with data-driven insights from user-friendly lead capture forms.

Journey Analytics

  • Understand the evolution of interest of visitors before they take action on your website
  • Use this understanding to shape your sales pitch for these leads
  • Know which information is of high interest and no interest for leads to gain better marketing and sales insights
  • Identify at what point in their journey did leads decide to download a form, submit a query or view a video
  • Make data-driven decisions for your sales strategy
  • Optimize your sales strategy with data-driven insights on the evolution of interest of your website visitors.

Customers and Partners Analytics

  • Segregate predetermined Partners, Competitors and Peers from Sales Leads.
  • Track website visits of customers and partners
  • Understand the data consumption needs of customers and partners
  • Record software downloads, document downloads, and video views by customers on the website
  • Quickly analyze interest level, frequency of visits, recency of visits, and repeat visits
  • Gain deeper insights into customer and partner engagement by analyzing their visit details.

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