Sales Intelligence Automation

Recognize Real Opportunities. Fill Sales Funnel. Drive Sales More Efficiently.

LogiKlu generates business leads and actionable intelligence from the website to reduce cost of customer acquisition. It identifies companies visiting a website and analyzes each visiting company's depth of engagement and behavioral patterns to qualify both levels and specific areas of interest including individual products and services.  

LogiKlu also enables assignment of target opportunities within the sales organization, and convenient collection of inputs on each opportunity throughout the engagement cycle. While helping Sales Teams fill the sales funnel, it equips them to be more effective without dependency on organizational resources. 

LogiKlu is a simple, nimble cost-effective "Sales Intelligence Hub" that cuts through the noise to deliver actionable sales information on business opportunities.

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Key Features

  • Lead Generation, Segregation and Distribution
  • Target Opportunity Selection and Assignment
  • Input Collection from Team on Target Opportunities
  • Target Opportunity Report by Sales Quarter and Territory
  • Product/Service Demand Insights by Action, Country and Popularity
  • Marketing Asset Utilization Intelligence
  • Watch List to Track Specific Companies and Digital Assets
  • Visitor Journey Analytics with Interest Appraisa
  • Customer, Competitor, and Partner visit monitoring
  • Traffic Acquisition Analytics
  • Mobile App for Additional Convenience
  • Custom Research of Lead Contacts

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